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    I have a Treo750 and a Transcend 2GB miniSD card that I havent stored much on until recently. Up until this past week Ive stored maybe 50 files or so on my MiniSD card and everything worked fine, I wasnt experiencing any problems with it or things of that nature. I decided to install MortPlayer to play my music with so I converted a ton of my MP3's to .ogg files so they took up much less space. I have about 1100 OGG files sorted by artists, I have a folder on my card called Music, under there i have a Albums folder, which has about 30 artists and their albums and under the main directory of Music I have a bunch of artist's songs.. just random songs by the artist, not full albums.

    It seems that right after a soft reset I can most if not all of them through File Explorer but in the program (MortPlayer) i cant see that many and as the day goes on and the device is on, randomly it cannot see files, sometimes it cant see folders, sometimes the files, and not just in the Music directory, all over the card, which has a folder i store .cab files in, etc...

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    Welcome to the hell known as the WM5 disaperaing/reapearing storage card bug.


    Pray for WM 6
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    yea thanks....

    I thought I was doing good because I hadn't noticed any issues until I put a ton of stuff on the card. Are there any workarounds for WM5? like by reducing the amount of files or something?

    C'mon AT&T get your act together and release it already.... everyone else has it
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