We all know (and dearly love) the Full YouTube Plugin for Windows Mobile. The associated thread is still seeing a ton of action (and zbop, the creator of said plugin, is still chiming in and helping out). Where to next?

Well, I wouldn't have thought this, but where you go next is *MySpace*. Specifically, the MySpace music player that so many bands put up on their pages. Anthony Capobianco has taken the same basic idea - use TCPMP and make a flash plugin for it - and applied to the MySpace app.

Here's the funny thing - this plugin might make MySpace better on Windows Mobile than it is on the desktop. Whenever I go to a MySpace page, heck, *any* page that starts making noise without me asking it to I get all **HULK MAD** - presumably this method means that you'd be able to navigate MySpace without that particular burden.

Download: MySpace Music Mobile - thanks to Anthony for the tip!

Read more at http://www.wmexperts.com/articles/my...ows_mobil.html