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    I called verizon Tuesday about how slow my treo 700w is... the next day I had a brand new in the box with all accessories 700wx for free. If you complain enough, they will offer it to you!
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    How long did you have the 700w? How many calls did it take you? Did you have the full phone insurance?
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    Had the 700w since july...I bought it used. Took me 3 days, and I had no insurance.
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    I am giving it a try. I had mine replaced once already and I am sick of pulling the battery every time I run TomTom. We'll see what they say. I am working through email support.
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    I am giving it a try. I had mine replaced once already and I am sick of pulling the battery every time I run TomTom. We'll see what they say. I am working through email support.
    It helps that VZW don't carry the W anymore, all they have (last I spoke with them) are WX's. When you say 'pull the battery' Do you mean a reset? If you mean battery life, they take the same battery, so that won't change. The WX has more memory, so Tom Tom should run better as long as you don't have too much else running at the same time.

    P.S. Call into CS....much faster than email!!!
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    Sad that I didn't have the same happen to me. My 700w that I had purchased used back in May finally crapped out on me. It stopped accepting calls and I couldn't make calls, even after a hard reset.

    So I went into the verizon store last week and told them that I couldn't make calls out. Within a couple of minutes of tinkering with it, the guy said "we'll give you a replacement". I was hoping to get a 700wx as I've read so many of you have, but I instead got what looked like a refurbished 700w. While I do appreciate that getting a replacement phone was so hassle free (I also do not have insurance or phone protection plan of any sort), it would have been quite nice to get an upgrade in memory that this phone so desperately needs.
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    I think this is my 3rd exchange-by-mail WX through Alltel. They're awesome with customer service! Sucks that the WX sucks so bad though, lol.
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    My last two replacement Treo's from Verizon were both 700w's....ouch!
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    Ok guys this guy is telling the truth. You need to go over the regular vzw csr and get to a data specialist. Complain about the fact that the W wasnt correctly thoughtout with the limited amount of program memory. They claim you get 30mb of usable memory but when you open the box w/ no 3rd party apps to reclaim memory your left with 15mb of usable memory. With the error message set at 5mb, thats only 10mb of usable memory! Complain that when you use a few apps you got from (which are suported 3rd party apps) along with your media player, when you get an incoming call the phone freezes due to lack of program memory. Just make it seem like a big hastle and waste of time/money. You have already put up w/ it for soo long and your fet up. Say you have gotten online to troubleshooting forums and they say that the W is a troubled item right out of the box. They didnt take long to realize that and made its "fix" the WX.

    If you have the most current updates from

    Tell them you have gone down to your local verizon store and they checked it out and hard reset it and its still acting up. They will tell you it isnt in there records but it if you are stern that they hard reset your phone and you lost everything and it was a big waste of time and your not doing it again. In their records or not it wont matter. You are probably experiencing different problems aswell so throw those in there too.

    Finaly, my best experiences have been w/ female csr's? Dont konw why but every time I call now If its a guy I hang up? It will work! But may take a few calls. Im a long time customer so I dont know if that plays a roll??

    In short, I love my new WX. I was able to make my W stable w/ little programs added to it and my g/f is giving it a shot....If she doenst like it its off to EBAY!
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    I struck out trying. They were about to send a WX and then they looked and didnt find that I bought the phone from them. I bought it on Craig's List but I didnt tell them that. They gave me some number to call. Darn!
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    They offered to send me a WX for my 3rd replacement but I had to sign a 2 year contract. I told them thanks but no thanks. Well, the "s" key is now crapping out on my fourth W so I think I'll give it another try as I don't feel like any of the new PDAs are much better than the WX
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