Searched the forum and can't find this specific problem addressed. (Possibly missed it) I'm hoping someone can help.

I have an AT&T 750 running WM5 and a brand new laptop running Vista with built-in Bluetooth. The old laptop did not have Bluetooth built-in so this is the first time trying this kind of connection.

I downloaded and installed the WM6_BT_DUN cab file from post #9 on this link: The post says it works on WM5 and WM6.

I went into the Bluetooth utility on the 750, set it up as discoverable, and created a pairing with the laptop, went to the COM ports tab, and created an Incoming Port (COM0).

Then I went into the laptop's Control Panel, Bluetooth utility. On the Devices tab, I clicked on Add and added the Treo. Then I clicked on the Properties button. The General tab listed the device and it's MAC address but the Services tab is blank. No services are listed.

On the Options Tab, all checkboxes are checked.

When I click on the COM Ports tab and the Add button, the Outgoing radio button and the Browse button, it finds the Treo. When I select it, a message box pops up that says, "The devcie you selected does not have a serial port service running."

Apparently, I've done something wrong in the setup. Can anyone walk me through the steps or tell what I've missed?

Thanks for any guidance.