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    I have become aware of a few neat tricks you can do with SMS.
    Many of you may already be aware of these tricks...
    Please feel free to add your own to this thread for benefit of all.

    1. If you want to send an email from your computer's email program that ends up as a SMS message on someone's phone, send it to from your computer's email program, where the ########## is their cell phone number. The main advantage of this approach is that you do not need to already know what network they are on. Teleflip figures it out for you, and routes the message accordingly. Also, Teleflip will bounce the message back with an error message if the phone number is bogus or non-existent.

    I use this when I am not sure if someone will be at their computer, and I need to send them a textual message that I want them to get in a hurry. I send the email to their main email address, and CC: to their phone.

    2. You can do Google searches using SMS. I use this all the time and love it. You just send your query to 466453, which is GOOGLE dialed on a touch tone phone. (Actually, I think 46645 works, also.) See:

    When you send the message to Google, after a minute or so, Google sends you a message back with the results of the query.

    What I did is to create a Contact called Google, and I put the 466453 in as the mobile phone number. This makes it easier to use, I think.

    The results are usually scaled down from what you would get via Internet Google, but are still useful. You can send the word help to 466453 to get a listing of help on Google SMS. Also, Google "Google SMS" from your computer to get more detailed usage info.

    The big advantage of using this is that I do not get billed for directory assistance anymore. The results that Google sends back contain hyperlinked phone numbers in the results... I use this instead of directory assistance.

    3. If you prefer Yahoo!, then you can use Yahoo SMS. Similar in function to the Google service, you send your SMS message to 92466, which is Yahoo dialed on a touch tone phone. See: I also have a contact created for the Yahoo SMS, so I can use both Yahoo SMS and Google SMS.

    4. If you want movie info, you can send an SMS message containing the movie of interest and general location (or zip code) to Fandango by sending to 36346. See: Again, I have a contact I created for this so I don't need to remember the number.

    5. Lastly, there is a general purpose SMS information service that you can make use of called 4Info. You send a text message to 44636, which is 4INFO dialed on a touch tone phone. They can also send you text message alerts, if you want. Some of their services cost a fee, but many are free.

    Well, that is what I have learned... anyone else have some SMS tricks to share?

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    Another useful reference related to sending email to a cell phone via SMS:

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    Here is a directory of SMS short codes... this is the only directory I have ever found for them...


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