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    Hey everyone!

    Some of you may have seen me on the boards before, I'm Anthony, the guy who runs YouTube Pocket. As of recently I have been working on MySpace Music Mobile. It's in a BETA stage, so please let me know if you have any problems with it. Check it out with the link below:

    MySpace Music Mobile

    Before people ask, you will need to install TCPMP and follow the directions for this to work, and WMP does not like the format. Also, Playlists are stored by cookies, so make sure you don't have them disabled.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback!
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    Awesome Anthony!!! Keep up the great work!!
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    Excellent work!
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    Cool! Thanks.
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    Awesome work I can stream Nomasterbacks whenever I want.
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    Most Impressive.

    Now when I download a playlist for continuous streaming does it save anywhere on my device?
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    what does this site do? or what is it for?

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