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    Finally, I found a decent volume/ringer control teeny app that lets me control system/ringer volumes and re-assign the volume keys.

    It may be useful for some Mortscipt purposes, so here it is. Not quite perfect, but close, and it works and it's free.

    See for the original source.

    Come to think of it - a Mortscipt wrapper for this with programmed mouse clicks would make it perfect. I think I'll give it a go - I should be able to get it to be fully DPad compatible and duplicate the functions of the arrow up and arrow down keys with a "arrow up" script and an "arrow down" script.

    If I can get it right, it will allow for seamless replacement for the Treo series volume keys so that they can be re-assigned to anything for double, triple and long key presses.
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    I think the logic goes like this:

    1. If Volume Up/Down pressed, open Volume Mortscript app and, unlike default functionality, do nothing but place focus on Ringer Volume if Today Screen has focus, else on System Volume (Not too hard to code).

    2. If right or left pressed on DPad, move focus to right or left (that is, from volume to ringer or the other way around). The problem I have there is I do not know how to detect key presses - can anyone help me with that?. The rest is pretty straight forward.

    3. If Volume up/down pressed or DPad up pressed, volume goes up/down. Not exactly sure how to handle this yet - perhaps there are several branches to the script? If the window is already open, the volume goes up (or down) - seems easy enough, but, once again, I have to know how to detect a key press for the DPad, at least.

    3. Close Volume app after 30 seconds or if center key pressed on DPad. Again, I have to know how to detect a key press.

    I could avoid having to detect key presses all together if I rely upon key reassignments to launch the correct scripts and ignore the DPad for switching between ringer and system volume. I would use a double-click on volume up (for example) to launch the script that switch focus right and left.

    Can you help with detecting key presses? I think that would let me do everything and avoid having to rely upon a key re-assignment for a the focus-switch.
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    Well, it turns out I cannot detect key presses with Mortscript.

    I'll have to think on this and decide how much true one-handed use is worth in effort for this one seldom-used (for me) function.

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