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    I am looking for an application that will record a conversation and allow me to make short voice notes to myself.

    The Software Store has three Apps that appear to do this:

    1-Vito Audio Notes
    2-Resco Audio Recorder
    3-Voice Recorder

    I want a minimal application that can be easily started and record high quality audio. I have no need to record telephone conversations. I also want something that has minimum or no impact on the Today screen.

    Any suggestions as to which of the above three Apps would be the best compromise would be appreciated.
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    I use the second one you have listed there, Resco Audio Recorder and like it a lot on my Treo 750. I like the one handed operation that it allows but when it comes to recording phone conversations on my 750 I have to put it in speaker phone mode for it to pick up the other end of the conversation.

    Not a big deal for me as I don't really use that feature, it's more of a replacement for my handheld sony voice recorder for taking notes.

    You can go to and try it out for a month.

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