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    I just upgraded from a Treo 650 to a Treo 750. I purchased a refurbished 750 from AT&T for $99.00 and was allowed to keep my current plan without changes (AT&T Premier Account). It may be refurbished but is indistinguishable from a new device. I have used it for two full days and here are my first impressions:

    As a telephone (its reason for even existing), it blows away the crappy 650 and previous 600. For the first time since my Motorola V60 days four years ago, I can reliably make a call with good quality audio that does not drop or sound like I suddenly fell into a large tank of water. It also works reliably in marginal signal areas where the 650 was unusable. The poor/marginal functionality of the 650 as a telephone was the only reason I upgraded so I am very pleased.

    Battery life leaves a lot to be desired. The phone typically comes out of the charger at approximately 0400 when I leave for work. The first day I only had about 35% charge left when I arrived home at 1800. My calls are all very short (<1-2 minutes) and I probably do not exceed 10 or so calls a day. I turned off "Enable Push" under Express Mail settings and also turned off automatically checking for messages. The second day battery life improved considerably and I had about 65% when I got home. I do not know if this improvement resulted from "seasoning" the battery with a single charge cycle or because of the changes I just described.

    Internet speed is not only usable but it is satisfyingly fast. Although I do not use the internet very much using my cellphone, it was never practically usable on the 650 during the few times I really needed it.

    After 10 years using the Palm OS, the Windows based device is going to take some getting used to. However, due to the fact that this thing actually works well as a telephone, the rest really doesn't matter much.
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    Hi, congratulations on your new 750. I've had mine for about a month and am very pleased.

    If I start the day fully charged, I end the day at about 40%. This is with heavy use including some text messaging, push email and even a little internet usage.

    Under more normal conditions, receiving emails and maybe a dozen calls, I will end the day at over 60% battery life.

    Thanks, Mike.
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    I have had my new AT&T GSM Treo 750 for a week now. With respect to its telephone function, hands down, unequivocally, without any doubt, the 750 is infinitely superior to the 650. I now consistently have reliable good quality telephone conversations. In strong signal areas it sounds like a corded phone. Even in marginal signal areas, where the 650 could not be used at all, it will reliably function as a high quality telephone. None of this was possible with the 650.

    Last week my wife also upgraded her Sprint CDMA 650 to a 750 and has had a similar experience. In addition, she no longer drops calls, a very common event with her old 650.

    I am annoyed at myself for naively attributing almost three years of consistently substandard and frequently unusable cellular service to the Cingular/AT&T's system. As it turns out, these problems were mostly just due to a terrible piece of hardware, the Treo 650.

    The battery issue I experienced the first day is no longer a problem. I think the battery just needed a couple of charge cycles to be able to store its proper charge.

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