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    I am trying to figure a way to automatically connect & disconnect from a VPN connection (to do a nightly backup). I think that Mortscript would do the trick if it works in a windows PC setup.

    Does Mortscript install on a PC? Can you use it on a PC?

    I cant seem to find out from the Mortscript site (but its late & maybe I missed it).

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    yes it does work on windows, but not all functions. The mortscript manual indicates for each function if it is not available for windows (PC), or smartphones (SP) etc.
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    Ahh, I am looking to use some basic functionality.

    Something like this for Windows:

    # VPN Automation

    Run( "C:\Program Files\Vpn\vpn.exe" )

    Sleep( 2000 )

    MouseClick( 5, 235 )

    Sleep( 1500 )

    MouseClick( 131, 135 )

    Sleep( 1000 )

    SendKeys( "richtj99" )

    MouseClick( 136, 195 )

    Sleep( 20000 )

    MouseClick( 204, 204 )

    Will something like this work for an auto login?

    Do you know if there is a way to select "left mouse" vs "right mouse"?
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    Is the installation program: MortScript-4.0-PNA.exe?
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    No, there's no setup for the PC version yet. It's only available in the bin directory, just copy it anywhere and run MortScript.exe to register the .mscr extension.

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