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    i don't know how to download music too and where from for my new treo 700 w. i want to use an mp3 music. i tried to download music from and it will only come up in the file explorer icon but not anything else. i have tried to move it but wasn't successfull.

    How do I download music to my treo?
    Good places to get music from?
    how to send a picture or video?
    - it will only let me send a pic or video via email(hotmail or outlook)
    where are the smilet faces that can be put into my text messages?
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    Download MP3s to your computer, then transfer them to your Treo.

    The Treo cannot send picture messages by default. Search for the MMS hack.
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    get yourself a mp3 cutter. this program will clip mp3s to any length. suggest no more than 20 seconds. you can then transfer them to your treo. get a storage card. this way you won't use up any of your memory.

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