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    Treo 750. I have had this phone for about 8 months without any problems.

    All of a sudden I am not able to receive calls only make them. I have done a soft reset, a hard reset and no change. I changed my sim card with another sim card from my family and still can not receive on the phone. I took my sim card and put it in another phone and I can make and receive calls fine so it is not the sim card as when I put it back in the treo 750, I still can not receive calls.

    I have checked call barring etc... and all is well in the settings.

    Anyone had similar problem and if so what is the antidote?


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    I presume that your experience was identical to mine, that you could make calls but people calling you could not connect with you nor your voice mail. If this is so, I checked and found that it was a network problem as attested to by my calls to AT&T Customer Service. Finally cleared up late Friday evening with no explanation as to why it occurred.

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