Can anyone tell me what commands are issued by the Treo 700WX volume control buttons? I want to re-map them, but i also want retain their base functionality, and i can only do that if I can discern what exactly they are currently doing to open the volume control slider.

I'd be happy enough just to get the slider to open and have to click on it. Anyone know how to do that?

If I can figure this out, there are several way I could go, including a Mortscript to invoke the appropriate commands. Heck, maybe even a Mortscirpt that could detect current volume, raise (or lower) it if appropriate, and, if appropriate, adjust ringer volume instead just like the actual buttons do.

That would be very cool as suddenly I'd have 6 more button functions available (double key-press, triple key-press and long key-press for both volume up and volume down buttons) as I use AE Button Plus to re-map buttons (only the side button at present).

EDIT: If someone could fix the horrible typo in the title of this post, I'd appreciate it.