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    I just received my new 750 last night. This is my first PDA adventure outside the familiar Palm OS so now having a number of teething issues with it.

    I set up email ( and it works just fine. However, I do not want it to waste battery energy continuously checking for mail but, inspite of my best efforts, it continuously and relentlessly keeps checking for new email.

    How do I force it to only check for new email when I tell it to do so?

    I have gone to the "Delivery Preferences" dialog and verified the box to the left of "Connect and check for messages every:" is unchecked. There is nothing else obvious. However, every so often this morning I continue to receive a notice that I received a new email. It is now noon and the battery is down to 62%. With my old Treo 650 I never went below 80% even after a full day.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Open up Active Sync, select Menu and then Schedule. There you will find the option to "Sync during" - make sure that both Peak and Off-Peak are set to Manual.
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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Schedule is greyed out and the options seemed focused on synching with a laptop, etc.

    This brings up another interesting issue. I would think tapping the X in the upper right would close an application. However, I found that once an application is opened it does not close unless I go to Start-Settings-System-Memory-Running Programs and then stop a program from running. This means that anything opened, emails, calulator, calendar, etc. stay resident in memory unless manually closed as just described. This makes no sense at all.

    It is only 1340 and battery is down to 53%. This is unacceptable as I have used the phone very little today and it is leaving me little margin for later this afternoon and evening.
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    You can only adjust Activesync -> Schedule while the Treo is connected by cable or cradle.

    As for memory management, there are many tools, from free and upward, which allow the 'X' to fully close an open app. This thread shows off several options: PH::
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    [QUOTE=lifes2short;1366013]You can only adjust Activesync -> Schedule while the Treo is connected by cable or cradle.QUOTE]

    That is not strictly correct, although it is obviously in his case. It depends how you set up your ActiveSync originally. If you set it up on your desktop then what you are saying is correct. If on the other hand you set it up OTA like I did, then you can change the settings without being tethered.
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