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    It's a program that's like a personal assistant, search for it.
    Anyway, I have it and it would be amazing if I knew where the joystick button is, or the side hold or whatever.. but I can't seem to get the program to recognize my voice?
    Any ideas why not?
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    I am also in the midst of trying Sapie on my TreoWX. So far I have not had much luck with it either. I am actually in the middle of re-installing it again. It is stuck for a long time. It seems to have made it to the last bar but it has not come up saying that it was successfully installed. I'll explain more in another post

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    To continue from my last post...

    Whe I first installed Sapie and tried to start it, I got a screen that said my trial period was over. I paid for it since it was on sale and they said i should have the reg code in a day or so. The code they sent me was wrong. After several days and sending Speereo screen shots of the message, they got me the right code.

    At first, things seemed to work. I saw the list of my contacts. The problem was that it took literaly about 30 seconds to scroll from one contact to the next.

    Things went downhill from there. I got other errorr messages and the sound stopped working. I have been emailed the poeple at Speereo for help. They seem very nice but I think a little confused. They told me they think the problem is with my TreoWX since Sapie was designed for 240x240 screens. I told them that the treo is 240x240 and it's also listed as a compatible device on theirs and other web sites. They did not have an answer for me.

    I hoping the re-install will work.

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    Well I uninstalled it. I gave up. It was slow and totally not worth it. Great idea, bad program!

    Thanks for letting me know it wasn't just me.
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    Yeah. Definitely not just you. What has surprised me is that I have found almost no one that has made any reviews or posts about it. You would think alot of people with Treos especially would love a program like this.

    I agree with the way to slow. I played around some more today but with no better results. I even downloded a program which allows you to run software made for the longer screens on the Treo but it did not help.

    I am waiting to hear back from the developers. I'll try to let you know if I get anywhere.

    All the best,

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