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    Does anybody know of an application that can connect to outlook, or a third party application, and synchronize to my phone? I spend a lot of time away from my desk, my Assistant emails me or leaves me a note written down, who calls me.

    What I'd like to do is have her be able to create/update me a call sheet in outlook or using a third party over the air application, that will send them to my phone rather than email.

    Does anybody know of or seen an application like this?
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    Have her update a task and then it will sync thru the exchange server for you.
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    I did think about that, my only thing was with Tasks it only says the number of active tasks on the today screen not the actual name of the Task...I suppose though if I only use Tasks for a call sheet then I'd know I have 10 missed calls or what not if there are 10 listed.
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    There's a program out there called TodayAgenda that will show you the name of the task. I use tasks to know when all of my bills are due and I used TodayAgenda to display it all on the homescreen. Its free too!
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    I have a "Note" that is used just for phone messages. My assistant types in the message and it comes up on my phone.

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