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    Lately I have been using my Treo to listen to a lot more music in my car. I am using TCPMP with mp3's on my SD card. Something strange has been happening lately.

    When I drive on my morning commute, I pass through a rural area where my signal always drops out completely for a few seconds. I have come to accept this. So when I'm listening to TCPMP music, it will freeze the player completely, and bring the spinning color wheel (like something is loading).

    I can hit "ok" and close the app, but if I try to open it again, the device becomes unresponsive. If I do nothing from this point, it will turn off in 2 minutes and I can't turn it back on without a soft reset.

    I had TCPMP installed to main memory. Then I tried storage card. Then I tried GSPlayer. Same thing, every time.

    Why would a signal fluctuation crash my media player, and then subsequently my entire phone? I feel like I'm driving through the freakin' Bermuda Triangle every day. Weird.

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    No one ever has mp3 players crash out on them for no apparent reason? It happens at least once a day to me, and I don't want to stop using my Treo for music, because it's so convenient... but it's ridiculous. A soft reset every time... very annoying.

    Is there some kind of cache that media players use between the device and the SD card? Am I grasping at straws? Bueller?

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