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    i just read this thing saying that there is a way to "hack" the wx to bring it to another network i was wondering if anyone knows how to do this or has any info on it....i have vzw right now and would like to bring it over to metro pcs

    heres where i got the info from
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    well if it was a gsm phone, on a gsm network you would be in the good.

    being that vzw is cdma you have quite a bit of work to do

    firstly, is this metropcs gsm or cdma? if its gsm you couldn't do it.

    secondly.. do they offer the treo?

    as for what to do.

    its very risky... I mean you risk bricking for phone for good....

    metro pcs seems to be a lot like cricket, and revol...

    if so.... good friggin luck with that
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    Just to let you know. I don't think that Ghettro PCS could support the Treo 700wx. YOu definitely won't get the EVDO speeds. I wouldn't bring any phone over to Metro PCS. Yeah you can save money with them but they suck.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx
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    yea i know they suck but i gotta make some cuts and paying $130 a month for vzw is one of them...just wanted to know "if" it could be done cuz i love my treo...(even though im getting a 6800 on the 1st) and just didnt want to part ways with a for now just looks like im gonna just drop to the $59.99 plan with 450min/txt data for a few months...

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