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    I have treo 700w with update installed. I am very often unable to answer incoming phone calls. The phone will ring and vibrate and I will press the answer button, but the phone keeps on ringing and vibrating but all I get is silence on the phone. Evenutally, I will get a "missed call" and voice mail message. When I returned the call and asked the caller what happened, they said they just heard the ringtones, but could not hear me trying to respond.

    When I have tried testing this several times myself by calling my cell phone with my land line, I am able to answer and all seems fine. But when others call, the problem recurs, so it seems to be a sporadic thing.

    Any advice or suggestions would be welcomed.
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    I have the same problem. I have done a hard reset and reinstalled my apps to see if it clears the problem. No luck. Now that it has been brought up, it does seem like it started a bit after the update.
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    I have the 700wx and it seems there is a similar problem. Although ot does not seem as serious..
    The phone will ring and I will answer the phone call will pick up, I can hear them and they me but the ringing transfers into the ear piece and takes time before it stops (up to five seconds) although the other party does not seem to here it...
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    I'm getting the same problem. Sucks, cuz I end up missing some calls because of it.
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    It'd be good if everyone with this issue would state what carrier they are with. I'm with VZW, using a 700wx, and have not experienced this problem.

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    I am with Sprint. This usually happens about 2 or 3 times a day. The only app that is constantly running is Pocket SportsCenter, but I have had the app since before the update.
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    I should have mentioned I'm with Verizon, Treo 700w.
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    Make sure the ringtones you use are on the device, voice command is NOT enabled, and the root folderof your card is clean. Just a few quickies I can think of, usually it is a wakeup issue, not an answer issue. Just the answering that gets affected.

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