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    I currently use a MotoQ. It's been good but is pretty beat up (cracked screen, weak battery) and it's time for a change. I have a chance to get my hands on a used-but-good-condition Treo 700w for $50. Considering the going price for these units on eBay and Craigslist, I'm thinking it's a great deal.

    I have a couple things I'm interested in knowing about the 700w.

    First off, one of the things I loved about the Q was the ability to customize the home screen, and use downloadable themes. Is that possible on this device?

    Also, I am interested in cool third-party apps...preferably free. Google Maps, Windows Live, games, chat apps, etc. What are some of the cooler ones that y'all use?

    Mp3 ringtones: if I make my own, can I use 'em on the Treo?

    I think that's all I have for now...does this seem like a good trade?

    EDIT: thought of one more. Is it possible to upgrade from WM5 to WM6 on these?
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    Consider reading this thread then. It should answer all your questions and then some.

    And as of right now, no way to upgrade to WM6, and this has been discussed quite a bit too.
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    Excellent...I missed that when I was perusing the forums a bit ago. Thanks.
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    You really should invest in the Treo 700wx. If only for the more memory.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx
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    WOW... you actually had a good time with a Q, shoot if just the weak battery was an issue.. I would say you're one of the lucky ones. I had a Q and it was crap.. but I bought one for my little sister and she never had any issues with it. But at the same time she uses it for basic needs..
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...

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