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    Sorry if there is already a thread here, I did a search but did not find anything useful.

    Anyway, the email that come with 500v is too mediocre and I would like to replace it with a better email client. Unfortunately, treo 500v does not come with mobile outlook.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation (hopefully you are using it too) for email client that works on 500v (ie. smartphone wm6 standard)?

    Kelvin Wong
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    ??? why would they remove pocket outlook ? I thought the 500v was more or less a standard issue WM6/Smartphone phone... Not that I think Pocket Outlook is all that great (I don't...)
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    Yup it doesn't come with pocket outlook. I have to find a 3rd party to sync my notes to my phone!
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    Ah... apologise, it is indeed outlook email, but it is soooo stripped down, it did not recognise it.

    For example, I could not select all the delete all my emails or delete all emails in a folder... I had to delete them one by one!
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    The 500v ships with the standard WM6 Standard (aka Smartphone) messaging application. However, if you're more familiar with WM6 Professional (aka Pocket PC - touch devices) then you'll see differences in the functionality of Outlook and other applications.
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    Outlook notes never sync with ActiveSync standard installations. It's an odd omission from Microsoft. You need third-party software to add the feature. Try PocketGear for options.

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