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    Posting this here since the mac forum gets such little traffic.

    Anyone running a 700wx or WM5 or WM6 pda with a mac?
    Anyone running Pocket informant and syncing with a mac?

    It's time for a new computer, but if I can't make the wx sync well with whatever is mac's outlook equivalent then I probably have to get a vista machine.

    PIM is the most important thing about this phone to me, and I don't relish the idea of having to get an iPhone (at least the current generation) just to keep pim info on me.
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    Have you looked at the Missing Sync for Windows Mobile from
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    I run Windows in Parallels on my iMac and prefer syncing that way. Used to have a 700p and exported my Palm Desktop Manager contacts into Outlook. I don't need to sync anything with OS X, personally, i backup to memory card on the go.

    There's always Missing Sync and or Pocket Mac. If your stuff is in iCal and Address Book, go for Missing Sync then.
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    I use Missing Sync for Windows Mobile with my Macbook Pro and 700wx (Sprint) and it works well. I have found it can be a little fussy through bluetooth but it works. I don't sync them that much so my bluetooth problem could be my own ignorance more than anything else.

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