I installed the Activesync software from the CD when I got my 700wx. The sync worked for a while, then stopped. I tried upgrading to 4.2, no luck. I uninstalled 4.0 off the CD, no luck. I did a hard-reset, which produced some results - when it decides it wants to work, the phone will display a message asking if I disabled the Activesync from handling email, contacts, etc., the stuff I already have synced OTA thru Wireless Sync. Unfortunately, the Activesync software does not let me into the Options menu unless I am connected to the device. But to connect to the device (when it works), I have to allow it to continue past the warnings, and I don't feel like going through everything and erasing duplicates (in case it does what it threatened to do).

Out of the box, the Activesync was easy - make the connection, then change the settings, then use Wireless sync to get everything back.

Do I have to do another hard reset, then connect with Activesync, change the Options, then connect again using Wireless Sync? I don't know how else to force it to let me change the options.

Is there something else I can do on my PC to help? I did see the thread about deleting files in the Temp folder. Did that, no luck.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I would love to be able to load applications that require the PC for the download/extract process.

(for the hell of it, I just plugged the phone in. The sync keeps trying to connect, gives me the sound for connected, then drops it, then repeats every few minutes.) This headache is getting bigger!!