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    Has anyone found the field test mode and any hash commands that take with the ATT/Cingular Treo 750? My main objective is to enable the RSSI to accurately test some signal boosters. The "bar count" signal strength method is insufficient.
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    Use the Fieldtest utility. You can obtain it here

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    So much for that. Fieldtest requires a modified ROM.
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    Tried to find this information for my old 650 and now would like to have it for my 750. It amazes me that with the enormous amount of collective knowledge available from the users of this forum this information is not known.
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    I didn't use a modified ROM, I think when Field test came out earlier ROMS would not work. I put the program on a mini SD copied it to the phone Treo 750 WM 6) and it works great. There was some talk about an updated program that would have the CELL ID included. Its really a neat program.
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    I copied the FieldTest.Exe from a friend's at&t Tilt. It does not accurately give the signal strength in the 3G mode, it is always -99dbm. On his Tilt it also shows -99. Since my main interest was the network codes, it still serves my purpose.

    PS: In the GSM mode, the signal strength seems to be accurate.

    Here is the file I used:
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