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    I just got my 700wx a few days ago, and I'm having a bit of an issue - email messages sit in my outbox. I don't recall seeing this on my Q in windows mobile 6, but to be honest I don't know for sure. When I hit send/receive the e-mails are sent, but I expected them to get sent right away.

    Is this normal or should the e-mail be getting sent as soon as I hit "send"? Perhaps it's to spare the battery that they're only sent manually? (I sync using wireless sync using 'push', so the e-mail account I have set up doesn't get a send/receive on any particular interval)

    Hope I explained myself correctly, and thanks.

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    Is your email a pop3 or an exchange? WHen you say push are you syncing with an exchange server? It sounds like you don't have push email. You might have to hit send and recieve for your emails to go out.
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    to open menu and tap send/receive or my message will stay in outbox on my POP3 set up till next send/receive occurs.
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