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    Once i installed the new update _-1.22 VZW, everytime i am on the phone and receive another incoming call which i don't answer, the phone just loses my call.
    Does anybody have the same problems??
    Does anybody have a solution, this just started happening when i installed the 1.22 VZW, phone will lose my call when another call is coming in..
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    This is a known issue with "Keyguard". De-activate Keyguard and your troubles will be over.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $it$ $has$ $nothing$ $to$ $do$ $with$ $the$ &$quot$;$_$-$1$.$22$&$quot$; $update$. $I$ $had$ $the$ $same$ $issue$ $with$ $my$ $original$ &$quot$;-$1$.$20$&$quot$; $and$ &$quot$;-$1$.$22$&$quot$; $software$.

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    Thanks Frank,

    Do i now lose the keyguard feature when i disable it??
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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyG View Post
    Thanks Frank,

    Do i now lose the keyguard feature when i disable it??
    Yes. You do. I have developed the habit of manually putting it into standby by pressing the on/off button after a call. When in this standby mode there are only three buttons on the phone that will wake it up (on/off, end and Windows button).

    I find that it never accidentally turns on for me anyway. So I don't miss the keyguard. In fact, it's more convenient not using the keyguard, IMHO.

    You can still use the "disable touchscreen during a call" function. No problem. And I find that I do really need that.

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    I have this same problem. Has been happening ever since I had the phone for last year. Sometimes worse then others. Here is one guys fix. Never tried it and don't know how he figured it out but he says it works. I just hit ignore and that keeps the phone from hanging up on your current call.

    I had same thing happen to my uncle who had 700W, and this is what I did to get that fixed. You need three phones to start with. Yours, and two other phone. Your phone is A, second phone is B, third is C

    1. Have B call A and leave a voice message.
    2. A should call your VM and check the message and delete it.
    3. Start making some calls from B to A
    4. While B and A are connected, have C call A
    5. When C hears A's voice mail prompt, tab the screen on A, and the phone won't disconnect itself.
    6. Disconnect C
    7. Disconnect B
    8. Call A from B
    9. When A and B are connected, call A from C, and make sure that it doesn't get disconnected any more.

    It seems pretty odd, but trust me, this is how I fixed the problem.

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