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    I have been using a 650 for over two years (unlocked generic GSM w/Cingular-AT&T). Although I am very happy with its features, it is a very poor telephone. It is not possible to make a usable call in marginal signal areas (such as my home), voice quality/clarity generally sucks even with good signal, and garbled/dropped calls are frequent. My wife also has a 650 and experiences similar problems. Neither one of us can use a Bluetooth headset because the usable Bluetooth range is only a few feet.

    I really want to replace my 650. I would purchase a 750 or 750p tomorrow if I thought there would be a significant improvement in the telephone function.

    I would appreciate hearing comments from anyone that has had experience with both the 650 & 750 with regards to the 750's usability/quality as a telephone.

    In other words, will I be able to make usable calls with the 750 where I cannot now with my 650?
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    IMHO, a clear, no questions asked - Yes! No comparison.
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    Agree, far better phone IMHO too. Not to mention that if you get UMTS signals it is supposed to be better with less traffic on that frequency and the annoying buzz you hear on a land line when your cell rings on the old frequency prior to UMTS. Now I can set my 750 right next to my office phone and no issues when it rings anymore.
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    Another vote of YES!!! No comparison. The 650 was a pretty awful phone.
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    Ditto for me. I had the 650, 700w and the 750 voice is by far and above the best so far for me.
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    If you're in a 3G area the phone quality is a ton better than the 650. If you're in an EDGE area it's only slightly better from my is plenty loud in either case and the speakerphone is much better (and loud too).
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    Thanks for all the good advice. Now I just need to figure out where I can buy one at a reasonable price and not get raped by Cingular/AT&T changing my perfectly fine service plan.

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