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    My Treo 750 experiences strange behavior that I don't know whether they are Windows Mobile-related ot just crappy software-related.

    Sometimes my Treo 750 will not complete the bootup after performing a soft reset. The Treo will then just hang on the blue 'Windows Mobile' startup screen and do absolutely nothing.

    Here's the weird part: when I soft reset the device again, it *might* or *might not* have a succesful boot this time. If the device hangs again on the 'Windows Mobile' startup screen, I just reboot again.... and again.... and again 'till the Treo finally boots up.

    My question: in what way is the 3rd boot different from the 5th? Or the 2nd from the 8th? I don't understand why it sometimes takes me 5 soft resets to complete a boot and sometimes 3 or only one.

    Why oh why?
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    Do you have any software that runs when the Treo first Boots up? Example, I have XCPU Scaler that loads on boot, and automatically increases the clockspeed on my Treo. I used to have a program called Memory Maid that would run a sweep as well and clean (free) up any random memory, but it would cause the handset to freeze up sometimes, but not others. (I figured out this is what it was when I finally did a hard reset and the started reinstalling my programs one at a time and testing. Once I disabled it from running at boot, my Treo stopped hanging up.
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    Thats odd. It sounds like a PC that is overheating. I don't know how to check that on a Treo though.
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    Sure there are some programs booting up alongside, such as Mortscript. However, if that was the problem, shouldn't it be consistent? I mean, should the Treo either just not boot up at all or always boot up?

    I find it strange that sometimes I have to reset 3 times, sometimes 6, sometimes whatever times to finish the boot-up....
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