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    When writing an email & press down on 5 way navigator my cursor moves to the very bottom of my email. Then if I press up it takes me to the top of the email Essentially it's finctioning like a page Up or Page down.

    I want to set it to go up or down just one line at a time. Any tips on how to remedy?

    Have searched forums & tried all the settings I can find.

    I The wx is my work device. I own a 700P for my personal device & don't have this problem on the I imagine it is a windows setting...similar to adjustments for a mouse on a windows pc.

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    you can't make a change on the device to do what you want, but there is a way to 'jump' to the end of a line, and that can sort of get you what you want (I needed the same nav function as well).

    Do this:

    When your cursor is at the top left of the screen, press the Option key (the blob on the left part of the keyboard) while also pressing the Right on the 5-way. You'll find that this will jump you to the end of the line. Then press one more with the right to get to the next line. Now you're at the front of the next line - Opt + Right will again jump you to the end. With some quick fingers you can jump down your text one line at a time.

    That's what I do and it works great.

    Also - play around with Opt+Right/Left/Up/Down - you'll see that key combo can work like Home/End/Page Up/Down, etc. Pretty cool.

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