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    Well I thought I would start the discussion on this one as its a pretty common topic for any device. So far I have managed to run the old 5.20 version but it doesn't display well on the screen and only recognises the older out of date maps. Version 6 also runs but upside down, which was easily fixed by rotating the screen. However, I am stuck on the common crux with all smartphones... no touch screen. This is especially problematic when configuring a GPS device. So thats how far I have gotten at present, I cannot configure my GPS even when using a program such as fake cursor. Please feel free to post your success and any suggestions.
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    Just a quick update.
    There is no need to faff about with TomTom as Route 66 mobile 7 runs absolutely fine with it. There are a few input issues but nothing serious and everything works from GPS over bluetooth to the free traffic updates. Highly recommended despite lacking a little visual maturity compared to TomTom. If anyone has an input please don't hesitate to comment.

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