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    I have pocketSNES and a few roms but when I try to load them they don't show up under the pocketsnes menu...they are in the same folder and everything I've tried multiple roms any ideas? I'm dying to get this to work! or any other good snes emus? I have pocketNES and it runs great and I think it would be amazing to get snes on here too.
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    so u have nes games on your treo? how did u even do that? tecmo bowl sounds real nice about now
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    Morphgear's SNES module is a dream come true. Hard to find but great. For NES, there are many options. I prefer SmartGear since it gives you GB and GENZ also.
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    as you know the trade of Emulators is legal, and roms are illegal.

    so i think my question is appropriate

    do you think you could upload this Morphgear's SNES module; i've searched all over the net.

    do i have to reprogram the buttons everytime?
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    You do not have to reprogram the buttons each time, but unlike LJP, it won't remember different settings for each game.
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    wow...morphgear is awesome!

    it actually works and it's in english.

    Now to the next problem...framerate! It's running a little choppy. I'm trying to play Final Fantasy II and III and it's running ok but choppy enough to aggravate me but I think it might be playable. I tried to play super metroid but it was waaaay to slow. I'm wondering if it's just the lack of power in my treo (it's the 700wx) Does anyone have it running at full speed? Games like Final Fantasy shouldn't be running slow because there is never a ton of stuff going on on-screen. If it's just limited by the treo I may look into another phone but I'm not sure what is good for Pocket PCs on sprint or what's going to be coming out. anyone know? I'm starting to get sick of my treos size anyways. I saw an awesome phone that's coming out for verizon soon but I don't remember what it's called it looked alot like the iphone but it had a keyboard that slide out of the side. but I'm stuck with sprint for a while so hopefully something good will come out soon.
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    Change frameskip to 2-3. All games I've tried run at around 90% of full speed, including Chrono Trigger, Griffey, NHL, NBA, Madden, SMW
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