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    I've used a Treo 600 for several years. All of my contact data and calendar are in Palm 4.1 format. I just took the leap to the 700wx and need to transfer my data from Palm to Outlook. Any suggestions?
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    Did you try:
    1) Sync your 600 with Palm Desktop.
    2) Change your desktop settings to sync with Outlook
    3) Sync your 600 with Outlook
    4) Sync your 700wx with Outlook

    Generally you always use your old phoe to get the data where you need it first, then sync your new phone.
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    Also a google search for "palm desktop convert outlook" resulted in the following as the first hit:

    From that link

    Use the data on the desktop in Palm Desktop. This is best for users that no longer have their Palm. You can use one of the three options to import your data from Palm Desktop into Outlook:
    • You can use PocketCopy to convert your Palm Desktop data into Outlook.
    • You can export the Address Book into a Comma Separated Values format which you can import into Outlook. Open Palm Desktop, click on the Address icon. Then select File - Export and then name the file. Also, you need to select CSV format. Then you can do the reverse in Outlook. Click on File - Import and Export. Then you can select the Import from another program or file. Select Comma Separated Values and then you can select where to import the data.
    • For the Calendar information you can use datebookCSV to export it into CSV format and then import it into Outlook.
    Of course by answering I satisified your desire for an easy answer without making the effort yourself
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    Thanks. Resolved with the first suggestion, re-opening palm software and syncing to Outlook. I had previously tried the suggestion of exporting from Palm as a .csv and importing into Outlook -- had various frustrating formatting errors.

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