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    Not surprising the WM 61 interface is like the media interface, it was designed by the same company that was asked by a provider to redesign a product line. The carousel interface is strikingly similar to the patent wire frames and drawings. Some who saw the application prototypes found it intuitive and much easier to navigate. Detailed requirements and functional specifications were prepared by the manufacturer and prototype handsets designed to work with the application were built. However the provider was acquired and at this point, not sure if that project is still a go.
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    You sound as if you know a lot more. Anything you want to share with us?

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    It's now out and is proving to be a pretty handy upgrade for Smartphones and PPCs alike. There's a little "first look" article at the following address, including a couple of pics and its main features...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3dave3 View Post
    That review is very ignorant. And that picture is of the HTC Today plugin, not part of the OS.
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