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    Hi, I am new to the smart phone market, and was wondering if the 700wx would work as a PDA, without signing up for cell service? I realize that may be an odd question, but I am really looking for a Windows PDA with the thumb keyboard - but they are tough to come by - so, I thought I may be able to use the 700 w/ WM5 as a PDA without a cell carrier.

    Can anyone confirm if that will work?

    Thanks much for your patience with this newbie -

    - legends117
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    I don't see why not. A guy at my office uses a 700w as a phone and a pda, but doesn't have data service, so you would essentially be doing the same thing but without the phone part. You'd be missing out on some functionality, of course, but otherwise it should work the same way if you are using the programs that you would have on just a pda...
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    If you are going to go this way (PDA phone with no phone service) I would go for one that has wi-fi.

    Why? Well with no phone service there's no data service, and if you don't have a phone with wifi you will have to rely on Activesync.

    Since buying a PDA phone with no service will cost you a lot of money, might as well go for something with integrated wifi. You'd have yo buy the wifi card separately for the Treo and it looks aweful (I know, I had one).

    So as I said, in my opinion, check if you can at least get a PDA phone with wifi so at least you have that option.
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    Sounds like you would like the HP IPaq line. Treo like form factor PPC without the phone. I believe it comes with WiFi as well.
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    As others have said, if you need a PDA, might as well pay about the same price and get a bigger screen and WiFi. There's no point in paying for a PDA with a cell radio in it if you're not going to be using it.

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