I changed the firmware on my Verizon Treo 700w to 1.22, and of course the first application is WeatherPanel. I am noticing a strange issue in the Stealth skin. It seems to be cutting off the first digit of the "Updated Time" in the skin - when the time is double-digit (10, 11, 12). This is the first time I installed it via the new cab file that includes the new .dll, the WP-Auth, and the moons. Usually I do it all manually but just discovered this new .cab install which is VERY nice! Any ideas when it's cutting off the 1st digit? In the screen shot you can see what I am talking about - it should say "10:09". I then went through installing the rest of my apps and it never corrected itself.

I posted this over at PPC Geeks but I have been getting an Internal Server Error 500 for the past few days when trying to hit the WeatherPanel forum.


I left it with storyr asking how to change the theme to allow for more room for the update time, as changing the Clear Type setting didn't help.