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    I had the GPS working pretty well with Live Search, Star Caddy and TomTom 6 (with Hannip's BT stack). There was an occassional loss of BT connectivity, so I stupidly upgraded the system to 1.15. Since the upgrade I can go through the pairing process, but once that is completed, the BT icon is Blue, not the inverted Blue, and none of the programs will connect. Weirdly, if I close the program I was trying to connect with (e.g. TT6), the icon will be inverted blue for 5-15 sec. And to add to the mystery, the light on the GPS indicates it is paired.

    Anyone had any success or recommendations?

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    Please search the forum. I have seen at least two or three threads in the last two days on this same issue.
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    I should have mentioned this in the first post, but I did search the forum quite extensively and there is some limited information buried in a variety of threads. The point of the post was two-fold:

    1. Determine whether anyone has the GPS unit working post-1.15.

    2. Serve as a warning to anyone who was considering buying the unit if they are 1.15 and to anyone who owned the unit considering switching to 1.15.
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    I know that after I had my 700w updated to the latest version my HOLUX M-1000 stopped working. I couldnt get it to connect no matter what I did. I had to hard reset and then change the COM port to 4 and then it started working again.
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    I have the Freedom works great with Google Maps and Live Search...only probalem I had was getting the correct ports to line up, but after that works like a champ even after the 1.15 upgrade.

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