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    Quote Originally Posted by syrguy1969 View Post
    Did you use the desktop install? If so, I would place the CAB in your memory card and install from there. I have found most of SPBB software does not install with the EXE too well for me, but the CAB works. Also, I have found sometimes if I try an install that fails (for whatever reason), if I try it again, or do a soft-reset, it will work fine.

    Basically, my suggestion is this: Do a soft-reset, and install using the CAB. Let us know if it works!
    Thanks for the advice. I have a question: I don't have a memory card. Can I download the .CAB file directly from the desktop to the phone or will I run into the same problem? Do I need to get a memory card to do this right?
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    No worries, you can place the CAB file on the main phone, and install from there. You can delete the CAB after the app is installed to save memory. I usually keep a backup folder of CABs on my PC.
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    Good news. I did a soft reset and found that the CAB file was already on the phone. I installed it and am playing with it now.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Best, Mike.
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    No problem, glad you got it going!!!! Just holler if you have any other questiond down the line!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pibe38 View Post
    Well this version definately works well... it negates the use of Shell, so that's out.

    On this first screenshot you can see a tab with HTC Home and the meters from Pocket Plus. Keep in mind this is not 2 different plugins, Pocket Plus now allows you to insert both a plugin and other items (such as shortcuts and meters) on the same tab.

    Here's the second tab with Weatherpanel and PhatPhinger.

    And finally, the Pocket Plus tab with shortcuts.

    The button mappers works well, I have been able to map long press to some buttons that were not originally configured like that. However, it seems the OK button on the Mogul cannot be configured for long press.

    The finger scroller works. It may need some work, or it may be my screen protector, but sometimes when trying to scroll down I end up clicking on an icon or shortcut.

    The PIE tabs are pretty cool and work well.

    I haven't used the File Explorer extensions since I use Resco on my device.

    The Close button and task manager are nice to have and work well. The one thing that they could have added is that you cannot select the close button on individual apps on the task manager with the d-pad (you can do this on iLauncher), you have to use the stylus (or finger, but it's more difficult).

    You can also see how much memory I had left after a soft reset on my Mogul with all these tabs loaded and other things like SIPChange and Newsbreak also loading after the reset.

    So far I can say I'm happy with the app... much more than I expected it to be.

    Ohhh before I forget... you can place icons all over the tab, they don't need to be aligned or anything. Don't know if this was possible on earlier versions since this is the first time I try this app.
    OK WOW I want what you have! I own a Treo 700w and I do have SPB Pocket Plus 4.0. Please tell me how you set up your PDA?
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    Alright, I have been running iLauncher for a while and I like it. I started playing around with PP4 today, because I like the "Mobile Shell" look of it, and have a few questions:

    1. Can I add a shotcut to place a phone call or send an SMS? ie: hit the icon, it calls/opens a text (to) my wife...

    2. I have the single click side button hack and would like to map it to the PP task manager....WHERES THE EXECUTABLE FILE?!?!...or is there one?? How can I map this???

    3. Is the Smart Scrolling option supposed to work in one of the tabs? I have icons hidden (all in large mode) and want to scroll down to them and it doesnt seem to work.

    4. Why have they not made this more skinable?? theres a zillion iLauncher icons at the ready.

    Thanks for any help or info you can share.

    I aint nobody, dork!
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