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    What are your thoughts on syncing with Exchange via ActiveSync... I finally got my device setup to do this (cert installed correctly on my Treo 750) and this was the first weekend I had it going (as of Friday). I have it set to only sync email via Exchange and the options I have set are to "get new mail as it arrives" and to check during Non-Peak times every 2 hours. Are these the best ways to set it? Does that mean that there is a constant connection between my device and Exchange or how does it know when the items arrive?

    The reason I ask this is because I charged my phone last night, took it off charge this morning (as usual) and on lunch I look at my phone and the battery level is at 9%.. and my phone is mad at me (warning that its below 10%) WOW is all I have to say... that was fast, im looking to improve that a bit now, back to the day or so I use to get out of my phone.

    Any suggestions?
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    Wow that is a fast drain. I have mine synced all day and the charge lasts all day.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    Hey, another exchange question:

    Is there a way to keep my personal contacts, calendar, etc. from going TO the exchange?

    I synced for the first time this evening, and now all my events and contacts are on my work computer. Not sure that's a great idea.
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    My company just installed exchange and now I don't have any of my personal info syncing up, only the company Exchange. IT doesn't seem to care to resolve.

    Any ideas?

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    well.... back on the topic of battery life.. I have it syncing every hour now and 4 hours on non-peak times and I dont have bluetooth running (except for in the car ride home and to work) and it seems i have to charge it at night because the battery is like 40% left after I leave work around 5PM with a full charge, then charge it at work the next day..

    Any thoughts? Does my device keep a constant connection to Exchange?

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