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    Can anyone tell me a step by step process on what to chage to allow me to access the internet via T-Mobile Web/T-Zones on my Treo? (i.e proxy info, wap settings and so on)

    I just purchased my unlocked treo 750 and am having a difficult time getting onto the internet...I can access aol email fine but will not let me browse the internet or get my gmail or hotmail...i have seen a couple of posts relating to this concept..I know there is a tmobile plan for total internet access but that is 19.99-29.99$ a month...T-Moble Web/T-Zones costs only 5.99 a month...I know there is a way by changing ur proxy settings and so on to acccess the internet with T-Zones..I actually programed all that inforamtion in and it worked for like 5 minutes then stopped allowing me to access the internet..can anyone tell me a step by step process on what to chage to allow me to access the internet?
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    Thanks but still haing some difficulty..

    Here is what I have entered on my treo under internet proxy..i taped the advanced settings tab and entered the following:

    Secure WAP
    Socks (w/ the socks 4 checked)

    I have all this entered and when i did this the first time I got on the internet...about 10 minutes later i synced my treo with my computer and shortly after that i was unable to get back on the u think that did anything to it...i even tried switching the proxys last three digits to 050 with the port still at 8080 and still nothing..i tried a soft reset and still i need to enter something udner the VPN tab slot or something..i am not the most high tech guy here so any help would be wonderfully apppreciated...thanks again..
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    Still need some help? I got the MMS to work firly easily but still having a diificult time accessing the internet via T-Mobile Web/T-Zones..anyone else having this difficulty..please help
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    What I did to get the Gf's Treo 750 working on the T-Mo network:

    I didn't mess with any of the other stuff. However, I did create 2 data connections with the same info in both. For some reason different programs call different connections. I can't think of specific instances right now, but that doesn't matter. Call one T-Mo Data 1 and the other T-Mo Data 2. Use the exact same settings for both. Then when you select networks under your connections tab, use Data 1 for the top option and Data 2 for the bottom option. Sorry if I can't be more specific as I don't have her phone with me. Once I did that, I always got a data connection no matter how I tried to connect (email, internet etc)
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