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    I noticed that when its a hard reset device it runs fine but after a while n maybe its after I put other ring tones on or whatever that when the phone rings, it will ring then pause n wont ring for a while n then ring again on the third bell why is that any fix
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    Dunno why... mine does the same thing. I almost always keep mine on vibrate, but... it will buzz for about 3 rings, skip about 1 cycle, then buzz again for about 3 rings. Doesn't really bother me or affect how I use the phone, but it seems weird.

    I've seen other reports of this and I think it's fairly routine for the 700wx (at least on VZW).


    PS. I've never added any ringtones. All factory.
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    Complicated issue.

    Make sure your ringer files are under 30 seconds in length (I prefer <20).

    If mp3, don't make the 320kbps stereo, but maybe use WMA at a lower bit rate.

    Don't keep them on the Storage card.

    Use Tweaks2k2 to "disable 3s ring delay" (I don't know the registry value for that off hand).

    Use something to make sure you don't have 20 programs running in the background, running your RAM low.

    I have no issues with my ringers which are WMA, wav and/or mp3, fwiw.

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