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    Hello to the most savy users of one of the best products around....

    I would like to change the function of my left-hand menu button from E-mail to say Messenger or Calculator or whatever. I have gone thru all the user options to try to get there but no luck.

    Does anyone know what I should do to achieve this?

    Help would be appreciated


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    The workaround for this is in one of the many threads (on tweaking). I haven't done it myself but iirc it's just a registry modification.

    Better do a search here
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    There is not a real workaround for that, because with the registry hack you get a pop-up everytime you hit this button to select email or messaging... So you got another click to do...

    I'm personally not using email, so I've replaced tmail.exe in Windows folder with messaging.exe (renamed to tmail.exe). So now I click Email but it goes to messaging...
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    Cheers for the addon shared.
    I'm probably doing it your way when i get my 750 back (it's at the dealer), i never use Email on my phone anyway.

    I must say that it's weird the 750 doesn't allow you to redefine your own keys. Shortcuts are so very important on any handheld device, it can make or break the ease of use. I can't imagine Palm/WM not *fully* implementing it for all keys.

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