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    I seem to be having a problem with my calender on my 750. I've heard about the problems with having every appointment being one hour behind due to DST stuff, but mine problem is a little different. All my appointments are fine, except for one week. For some reason, every appt in the week of 10/27/07 - 11/3/07 are one hour behind. Every other week is fine, including the one before and the one after. In Outlook the times are correct, but they are one hour behind on my phone. Also, the other weird thing is that all of the appt's that week are recurring (they happen each week), and all the other occurrences are fine.

    If anyone has any idea on how to fix it, it would be appreciated.
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    Have you applied the DST patch? That week is the week that is between the new and old start dates for DST.
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    Just applied the patch, and it didn't seem to work. Any other ideas?
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    It's been about 6 months since I did all this, but:

    There are patches for all of the pieces in this puzzle:
    1- Windows on your PC
    2- Outlook on your PC
    3- Windows Mobile on your Treo

    You need to patch all of these. To minimize confusion it helps if you patch all of them about the same time, in the order they recommend.

    Also on the Treo go into "Clocks & Alarms" and make sure the time zone is exactly the same as on your Windows PC.

    If all else fails, you can follow the tip in the MS documentation: For appointments during this week, put the intended time in the title of the appointment. This will help keep things straight for you, as well as other people (if you have meeting attendees) who may not have done the patch. E.g. instead of "Haircut" put "Haircut 1 PM". That way even if the time field is jumping around to be Noon, 1 PM, or 2 PM, at least you'll remember what it's supposed to be.
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    I'm having a similar problem, but it's happening with all new appointments. As of the last couple weeks (I'm not sure when it started), I'm seeing most (not all) new appointments appearing on my Treo 650 an hour earlier than they are actually scheduled for. Existing appointments -- ones that were set before this started -- have remained in their correct time slots, but new appointments are almost always showing up as being one hour ahead of what they are set to in Outlook. Opening the records show that the Outlook time is correct, not the time shown on the Treo.

    I applied all the patches (Windows, Outlook, Blackberry) back in March.

    Anyone have any recommendation of how to troubleshoot this?

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