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    So I bought this 700w on ebay, and I hooked it up to my Verizon service and it worked fine. For a day. Then yesterday, the phone radio won't turn on and the status screen says there is no service on verizon (my girlfriend's phone works, so that's a lie). I can't turn the phone radio on, it won't come on.

    I don't know if the problem is the network or the phone, but I have tried a soft and a hard reset. Verizon wants me to send the phone back for an out of warranty exchange, they're over trying to help! Anyone here know of anything I can do to fix the issue?

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    Maybe hook it up to your computer and run the most current patch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlewaywelt View Post
    Maybe hook it up to your computer and run the most current patch?
    Tried that, actually. But thank you for the idea.
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    have you tried a hard reset?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juggalo_X View Post
    have you tried a hard reset?
    He did say he already tried a hard reset.

    I would say to try a PRL update but since you cant turn the radio on, that would be useless advice....
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    The out of warranty exchange will only cost $50, and I will probably get a better phone than the one I have, and the Ebay+the exchange still costs less than retail. But still, I was using the thing for work so I thought it might be nice to keep it working!
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    no, now I can't exchange it cause I bought it on Ebay, they said. So I am pretty much in possession of an expensive palm pilot. nice.
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    I bought one on Craigs List and bricked it with an update. I took it to a VZW store to have them look at it. I didnt talk about where I got it and they gave me a refurb. I was shocked. Give it a try.

    Anyone know if that means I have some sort of warranty now?
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    I also purchased mine on eBay (vzw 700w)... then no sound came outta the speakers. Either one. so I called 'em up and said exactly what was wrong, they asked me a few questions, but not where I got it, and the sent me a refurb. (vzw 700w)
    Then it happened again a few months later. Went through same process... for free. (vzw 700w)
    After about 6 months, it got dropped off of a rollercoaster. Called 'em up... and apparently I have insurance. Paid the $50 deductible (for the first time), went through Asurian Insurance, and they sent me a new in box, with acessories, vzw 700wx!
    Moral of the story... go for it. Their tech support line is stupid... guarantee you could get a new phone out of them
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    Never tell them you bought it on Ebay. Just tell them that your phopne stopped working after you updated it.
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    try taking it to another store and tell them that your phone stop working and see what they can do but don't tell them it is from ebay
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    If they do ask say something like I got it from my Father-In-Law.

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