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    Intermittantly, I have problems with automated phone systems. For example, I will be prompted with a "Press 1" option. I press "1". On the screen, it acknowledges that the number was pressed (and pressed again and again), but the prompt is not recognized by the receiving end.

    This is not associated to one number, it has happened with more than one phone prompts on different numbers.

    On some occasions, I can hang up, call the same number back...and it works. sometimes it doesn't.

    does that make sense? anyone have this same problem?

    Is there a "fix" or explanation for why it does it sometimes.
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    Same thing happens to me - I have speed dials programmed for my voice mail (cell, office and home vmails), with the userid and password autonatically played. At times all of these voice mail systems will not recognize my id, it also occrs when I attempt to enter my userid/password from the keyboard.

    I've tried varying the length of the DTMF tones (between long and short), and inserting pauses when the numbers are dialed automatically - nothing seems to help.

    Just another annoyance with the 700 series.....
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    I've noticed that the tones on the 700wx seem way longer than tones on regular cell phones. Even when set at the "short" setting. What's up with that? Could that be the cause?

    Happens to me occasionally too.


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