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    There are several diet tracker software programs out that will work on the Treo 750... For example, Diet Organizer, My Personal Diet, Pocket Diet... etc.

    I have used a diet tracker tool before (Nutricounter) and had some success with it... lost my gut... hehe But yes, folks, the gut is back! Yikes!

    I would like to get some diet tracking software on this little gem... the Treo 750.

    Anyone care to offer recommendations on some diet tracking software that runs well on the Treo 750??? Ease of use, custom foods, exercise tracking, vitals tracking (eg blood pressure) are all of interest to me.


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    The best of this type of software IMHO are produced by VidaOne. (

    My Personal Diet and My Sport Training are great apps and very Treo friendly.
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    Diet and Exercise Assistant is a great one that I have used.
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    Thanks for the feedback... I have tried the Vida One software.

    Had not heard of Diet and Exercise Assistant... will take a look.

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