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    I use Agenda One to replace Pocket Outlook... one of the key reasons is the support for phone # hyperlinks in calendar notes. In other words, if I put a phone number in the notes field for a calendar entry, it will recognize it as a phone number that could be dialed and highlight it when I view the calendar entry. I have scheduled phone calls during the week... this allows me to embed the phone number in the appointment and dial right from the appointment entry.

    This is the same functionality I enjoyed on my old Moto MPX-220 smartphone--it even supported dialing phone numbers from notifications. I love this feature... am totally spoiled by it... and refuse to go without it. I was very disapointed that wm5 does not support this functionality... Is it in wm6?

    Anyway, I am interested if anyone knows of another PIM replacement that has this feature... Agenda One is ok, but a bit lean on features... and I am interested in what else is out there.


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    U could just use the built in app. Hyperlinks in the calendar notes do work since WM2003.

    Just Type:

    (or whatever nr u like)

    press space right after the last number and ur entry will turn into a hyperlink.

    U can choose if u want to call or send an sms after u activated the hyperlink.

    Hope this will help u, I am using this operation nearly every on my treo. This will work on both wm5 and wm6.
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    Thanks! For some reason, I thought that they did not work in the built-in Pocket Outlook... Hmmm, I will have to take another look.


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