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    I used to have my Outlook email syncing into my Treo 750. Whatever was in Outlook was in my Treo. That is what I wanted. Then I switched to XpressMail, which was great. Then the email n@zi's at the company that I work for disabled Xpressmail, somehow - I think they blocked the port/proxy for it.

    So, I asked them if I could use DirectPush - NO. I asked if I could connect to the company's BlackBerry server - NO. We have a 'Good' server here, can I use that - NO. It is not like I am using their bandwidth to download the mail; it is my personal phone, not a company phone. n@zi's!

    So I thought, well, crap, at least I can always just ActiveSync the email when I get back to the office in the morning, or on Mondays. But my email no longer syncs. I chatted with the Palm folks on AT&T and they said hard (not soft) reset your phone, and then it will work. Did that - no luck.

    I have Email set [checked] to sync in ActiveSync. I have it set to 'Download the past: All'. Nothing!

    I also tried exporting all of my email into text, Access and also PST files in Outlook, saving the files, then deleting the email from my Inbox, then importing it again. Nothing!

    Any ideas?
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    This is strange - I just now went to the Outlook email Inbox on my Treo 750, and chose 'New'. I created an outgoing email. Then I sync'ed the Treo. A few seconds later, I checked that other email account (my home account), and it had received the email, (via the internet).

    So I can send email from Mobile Outlook, that gets put into the PC's Outbox, then it gets sent out via the internet. Then I can see it in my PC's Outlook Sent Items folder.

    However, I cannot sync the emails that are sitting in my PC's Outlook Inbox into the Inbox on Mobile Outlook.

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