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    I know theres a way to set my 700wx to automaticly sign on to Vision and check my Email from my pop3 servers I have specified and it works flawlessly, however if i set it check at timed intervals, its a battery killer. I want to have the treo sign on every 2 hours to check my mail then disconnect from vision. as it is right now it checks the email then the connection goes"dorment, then wakes up later, to check again. still draining a battery over the course of a day.
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    Since the box is only for minutes, set it for 60, split the difference, and don't worry about it. It should only really kill the battery if yr checking every 5 minutes or something. Then the data connection is almost always doing something.

    Or switch to IMAP, as it apparently doesn't eat battery as much as POP access.

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