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    Hey Everyone... I currently have a Motorola Q Black with Verizon but upgrading to a Treo 700wx this weekend... My question is when you use GPS software does it cost you minutes or airtime or data charges??? If I purchase GPS software will there be other costs than the software? What software is the best also... I'm wanting it for driving trips or course but also hunting in woods and marking spots with GPS!

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    I personally like Tom Tom myself. The maps seem great and it's pretty easy to use. You hadn't mentioned if you have a GPS receiver yet? Some people mistake the limited built in GPS for a full functioning receiver. It won't work with any GPS software.
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    GPS won't cost you anything to use, unless you get some gps software that gets real-time traffic info or something like that.
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    Garmin's products (at least Mobile 10) give real-time traffic at no extra charge. I went with Garmin as that's what I've been using for years on the boat. Voice prompts, localized gas prices, etc., very nice. GPS unit is much smaller than I expected.
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    Ok thanks... Yes I did misunderstand it... I thought the built in GPS would work with the software... Thanks for the help everyone!
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    ok this is the closest thread to my problem. I got a verizon 700wx and the garmin moble 20 program with the blue tooth. my problem is that to use the program i got to do a reset with the button by the battery each time. When i am in the program, the program closes by itself after a few minutes. I travel around the country alot with my job, it would be nice if i could use my phone as a gps device. while it is working for the first few minutes it is fine. Its sucks that i got to resort to pulling up the direction using google map to find my way around. anyone have any clue what is going on?

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