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    So I've re-rediscovered rlToday, and I'm editing the XML files to add more functionality. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of .exe files and such that I can utilize?

    In other words, to trigger your email, it's "tmail.exe" and threaded SMS is "messaging.exe" etc. I want to know where all the other apps I may have installed lie within the Windows directory, and what they might be called.

    Also, what is the deal with 3rd-party apps? If I wanted the clock on my skin to trigger, say, Spb Time, what would be my path (if installed to device)? Can I use a .lnk file to do it or do I need the full path to the app itself?

    And... any general tips on editing XML would be much appreciated as well.

    ...ok, I think I got some of it, (3rd party stuff) but I'd still like to know what everything might be called (within \Windows)...
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    I just discovered rlToday and I am also playing with the settings.
    The Rotlaus website has this link to where allot of the programs are located:
    Also registry settings:

    What I do to find a program's settings is to open the Explorer window from active sync. If I am not sure of what executable is associated to a Start Menu icon, I navigate to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs and right click on the shortcut. A pop-up menu appears and I choose properties. On the properties box I have two tabs. Choose Shortcut and you will see the path. Built in applications, like the task manager that comes with WM5 will not have a path. For instance the Tasks shortcut just says poutlook.exe tasks, whereas something like Total Commander will say "\Program Files\Total Commander\cecmd.exe". (If it does not have a path, check \Windows to find the executable.

    Programs you installed to the device memory are located \Program Files. Programs installed to the Storage Card are located in \Storage Card\Program Files.
    The standard WM5 programs are in \Windows.
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    Cool. Thanks for the tips. I'll check them out -

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